Pigeon-Empowered Wireless Internet

Nice story: some folks conducted a test to compares ADSL and Pigeon Enabled Internet, the pigeon enabled internet seemed to be faster.

A group of several dozen Internet addicts from Israel and abroad, gathered in the large grass field of the OHALO Center near the Sea of Galilee. The purpose of the gathering was to try and improve Wi-Fly - pigeon-empowered wireless internet and to confront this technology against ADSL. The participants sent 3 homing pigeons to 100 km distance, each carrying 20-22 tiny memory cards containing 1.3 GB, amounting in total of 4 GB of data. (...) "Improving the method was achieved by changing the medium on which the message is stored and carried by the pigeons, from paper (as required by the original protocol) to Memory Flash Cards" , said Ben Bassat. Replacing the old analog content transfer by digital one, enables the pigeons to transfer data faster than ADSL, and to achieve what apparently looks as pigeons' record in data transfer to a given distance.