SonicForms: tangible interfaces for audio visual environments

Chris sent me his new project: Sonicforms, which is a must-see for every tangible interface fans like me!

Sonicforms an open source research platform for developing tangible interfaces for audio visual environments. The aim of the project is to improve this area of musical interaction by creating a community knowledge base and open tools for production. By decentralising the technology and providing an easier entry point, artists and musicians can focus on creating engaging works, rather than starting from the ground up. Sonicforms exists as :

  1. a central repository for others to learn how to make their own interfaces and share their experiences.
  2. a set of tools and strategies for extending open source software to create these projects.
  3. a physical installation that will be exhibited showing other artists creative content through online submission.

The way the project reshape the relationship between consumer and producer is great! More information about how it works here.