Real-time, multi-site, distributed, interactive music performance

A project by the Integrated Media System Center (University of Southern California): Distributed Immersive Performance (DIP):

This project is working on the architecture, technology and experimental applications of a real-time, multi-site, distributed, interactive and collaborative environment called Distributed Immersive Performance (DIP). The objective of DIP is to develop the technology for live, interactive musical performances in which the participants - subsets of musicians, the conductor and the audience - are in different physical locations and are interconnected by very high fidelity multichannel audio and video links. DIP is a specific realization of broader immersive technology - the creation of the complete aural and visual ambience that places a person or a group of people in a virtual space where they can experience events occurring at a remote site or communicate naturally regardless of their location

They ran different sets of performance descrobed here like a two-way Interactive Duet or a remote master class.