Chainsaw game controller

Another crazy game controller: Bloody Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller designed by NubyTech , in partnership with Capcom. According to Lik-sang.

Designed with an actual Chainsaw lying in the middle of the R&D lab during brainstorming sessions, this massive sculpted controller comes with a built-in sound chip, imitating the roar of the powerful weapon. The attention to detail goes as far as having gory blood marks on the blade. When not chopping Zombies into pieces, the Resident Evil 4 Controller can rest on its stylish stand, on top on your TV, well at sight for the bill collectors knocking at your door. Very impressive in size, it will bring you fear and respect at the same time, yet light and ergonomic, it stays comfortable and does not affect gameplay at all.

Well, this just a josypad reshaped into another tool, there is (fortunately) no chainsaw-based interactions!