Uses of RSS

(via and bloggingpro), a great list of things people can do with RSS, compiled by Tim Yang

  1. Get the news as it happens from multiple news sources
  2. Collect your email from all your email accounts in your RSS reader (mailbucket)
  3. Track Fedex packages
  4. Get notified of bargains at Ebay (rssauction)
  5. Get stock updates
  6. Get the weather report (wunderground)
  7. Find out what people are saying about you, your company or your product online (technorati or pubsub)
  8. Get music, radio programs and TV clips
  9. Stay updated on someone's schedule (
  10. Get cinema schedule updates
  11. Read your favourite comics
  12. Find out what other people surfing (
  13. Automatically backup your weblog posts
  14. Get software updates
  15. Get the latest bittorrent files and ahem, p*rn

Some readers add other functions in comments:

  1. traffic conditions (
  2. get up-to-the-minute police and fire events (incidentlog)
  3. video game statistics
  4. jobsearch (rssjobs)