DIY, punks and fortune

Great piece on Fortune about the rise of a Do It Yourself economy. It's funny to see how the values of the underground (like the DIY attitude adopted by the punks since the 70s) is now contaminating the mainstream capitalism. Now, it's not only a matter of concepts/trends/ideas/meme that become mainstream, the 'methods' of their creation/emergence in the avant-garde scene are also used by the mainstream economy.

Numerous currents have converged to produce this reaction. Bloggers, those do-it-yourself journalists, showed big media that the barriers to entry (like owning a printing press, say) didn’t much matter. Podcasters took radio into their own hands, creating audio shows and putting them online. Amateur music producers, using software that was once the province only of major labels, invented mash-ups: combining songs into totally new ones, then giving them away or selling them. And with the advent of services like Google AdSense, which let people easily put advertising on their sites, these tinkerers could—while not vaulting themselves into Bill Gates territory—at least break even.

I would say that it's a positive move ;)