Workshop about Location Awareness at ECSCW

Might be good to submit something here: ECSW Workshop 5 - Location-Awareness and Community:

Tracking and positioning technologies, such as GPS, 802.11, Bluetooth and RFID tags, have become mature enough to be widely adopted and employed in systems linking information and communication to geographic places and people. While technical challenges remain, social and usability challenges are proliferating.

We are particularly interested in how presence information from multiple sources can be collected, processed and then presented to users in a useful, usable, and unobtrusive way. There are technical challenges such as how to transform raw data into user meaningful representations. And there are associated social challenges ranging from negotiation of what is public and what is private to what kinds of inferences are actually useful (“This seems like your usual route home” is very different from “are you going to the bathroom again?”). Finally, this raises the issues about what are useful applications for these kinds of data and interfaces.

This workshop is designed to bring together practitioners and academics from a range of disciplines and approaches to address these issues within several thematic areas: Algorithmic solutions, Conceptual Design, Interaction and User Interface Design. The workshop will predominantly focus on interactive work around a common scenario where the participants' differing viewpoints can help shape potential solutions to a common scenario.