NOKIA rubber boots

For some people around who are not aware of it, finnish company Nokia also does rubber boots. Well actually I don't know if they still do that but before entering into the phone business, they manufactured pretty cool rubber boots like the following one (lady walking boot). Have a look at the old logo, I don't understand why it's written nokian? but a finnish friend attested that it's true. (found here) You can also check here for more contextual Nokia rubber boots (it's a finnish website about a geological trip).

Update! Janne from tells me that " Nokia made rubber boots and cables before it got to the phone business. Company also manufactured tyres for cars. Nowadays there's a company called "Nokian renkaat" (Nokia Tyres) which continues the tradition of original compaby. Yet, it's totally different company. There's same kind of arrangements with the old rubber boots section of the company and it's called "Nokian jalkineet" (Nokian footwear): It's independent company and it got nothing to do with the Nokia. So, now you know why the company is called "Nokian" (because it's not the Nokia :-))." Thank you Janne!