Next OPEN PLAN event: PLAN TECHNOLOGY CAMP Venue: Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham Date: Sunday 2 October to Saturday 8 October 2005 Deadline for Expressions of Interest: Monday 4 July 2005

Cross-disciplinary teams will be formed to work on seed project ideas and develop methodologies, encouraging cross disciplinaryexperimentation. Proposals may develop into real projects or may be entirely hypothetical. There will be opportunities to take the projects further, in particular as part of the PLAN final exhibition at Futuresonic 2006 in Manchester UK during July 2006.

Please send a 2-page expression of interest, including details of your areas of interest, experience and expertise to the address below by Monday 4 July 2005. Suggestions for seed ideas in the area of locative-based media are also welcomed. Places at the workshop are limited and the steering committee reserves the right to seed ideas and put together diverse teams from the best submissions, based on the expressions of interest together with views generated at the ICA Event.

Why do I blog this? because it's part of my locative media research watch, after the first plan event this part seems event more appealing with hands-on activities.