DVD player for kids

A new DVD player for kids (9 9euros), created by the company Shindo (shinco?) and distributed by Sodifa. It plays DivX, MP3, DVD and burnt CDs: Why do I blog this? it's part of my daily watch for a video game interface. I found it's a relevant new interface to play DVDs (and interactive DVDs) for kids. The idea of using the gamepad metaphor as a DVD controller is somehow relevant. The pad is interesting however the button on the DVD reader are not apparent enough and too small for kids. I am also critique about: where is the 'mute' button on the controller? there is also menu button (or is itg on the right part of the pad). In addition, there seems to be button that may have multiple functions which is bad (for instance there are no numbers, will it be the arrows?). I like the knobs but there are too tiny as well. Moreover for pre-schooler I would rather advocate for a wired pad instead of this wirless gamepad-like remote controller. I would also be interested in running small-scale test with kids to see the differences between playing video games and DVDs with this controller.