DVD controller for kids

A DVD remote control for pre-schooler, made by french toy manufacturer Berchet (which has recently been bought by his neighbor Smoby) berchet interactive DVD controller

DVD Kids Remote Control is created specifically for children to play with their favourite TV characters. DVD Kids aims to make interactivity easier for young children through specially designed interactive DVDs.Children will enjoy fun adventures whilst learning new skills. DVD Kids offers your children a unique level of interactivity between the DVD player and your TV never achieved before. From 2 years

Why do I blog this because I am watching kids interfaces ;) This one is appealing and way better than the Shinco gamepad-like controller I mentionned last week. The remote is large enough, the two button are well positioned on each side of the controller (it's possible to add more buttons with special sheet at the center of the pad). Then the most important point is the shape and the size of the object: it's big and should be positioned on the kid's belly so that it's directly pointing the DVD set. Therefore, the designers got ride of the most important problem kids have to control tv/dvds: the fact that they have troubles pointing the device/screen. I am not very surprised to see that Berchet did a good job, they have a pretty nice lab where they do fine user-testing with kids.

For older kids, there is also the weemote: