Review of usability evaluation techniques

Ivory M., Hearst M. (2001) The State of the Art in Automating Usability Evaluation of User Interfaces. ,ACM Computing Services Vol 33(4), pp.470-516

Usability evaluation is an increasingly important part of the user interface design process. However, usability evaluation can be expensive in terms of time and human resources, and automation is therefore a promising way to augment existing approaches. This article presents an extensive survey of usability evaluation methods, organized according to a new taxonomy that emphasizes the role of automation. The survey analyzes existing techniques, identifies which aspects of usability evaluation automation are likely to be of use in future research, and suggests new ways to expand existing approaches to better support usability evaluation.

Why do I blog this? to complete my review of automatic user experience analysis. This paper provides a relevant summary all the current techniques. Even though it's mostly related to usability (which is something a bit too low-level for my ressearch needs), it gives a nice overview of the existing techniques. It's a good add-on to Mike Kuniavky's 'User Experience' book (which is one of the best introduction and how-to for user-experience research).