Ubiquitous Computing Paradigms and Scenarios

At the IEE International Workshop on Intelligent Environments, there will be a relevant session about Ubiquitous Computing Paradigms and Scenarios (June, 28-29th 2005)):

This session aims to provide a forum for presenting case studies of Ubiquitous Computing paradigms and scenarios. We invite papers in any of the topics that relate to Ubiquitous Computing research, covering both technological and human aspects. An indicative and certainly non exhaustive list of topics includes Ubiquitous Computing applications:

  • in a specific environment (home, office, mobile etc)
  • in dynamically changing environments or context
  • that support a range of human activities and situations, and service human needs
  • involving everyday objects and compositions of them
  • that interface with living entities or take into account biology-inspired principles
  • using, managing or generating knowledge
  • that compose services used to enhance well-being (including health, tourism, education, leisure, games etc)
  • designed taking into account several societal aspects, such as privacy, awareness, intimacy etc.

Why do I blog this? ubicomp and tangible computing sometimes suffer from a lack of end-user attention, relying on scenarios is a good way to move forward.