Participate to a research about new types of digital photography!

Here is a interesting project starting in June 2005 about new types of digital photography. It's conducted at the Future Application Lab by Lalya Gaye, Maria Häkansson and Sara Ljungblad. Lalya sent me the call for participation if you want to participate, hop in!

Do you enjoy taking pictures with your camera phone? Do you own a Nokia 6600 or 6630? Then you have the possibility to test a new way to take digital pictures by trying out our software prototype.

The Viktoria Institute in Göteborg is a Swedish research institute in applied information technology. We invite you to participate in a non-commercial research study starting in June 2005 about new types of digital photography. You get to try out a software programme that visually incorporates sound and movement into the pictures you take (see pictures below). We call this "context photography".

We hope that you would like to participate and try taking pictures and uploading them to a website. You will be asked to answer some questions at two occasions during the study. The programme will not affect any other software on your camera phone and you can still take regular pictures when the programme is not in use. After the study you may keep the program free of charge.

This is how it works:

  1. Send us an e-mail to to tell us you are interested in participating. Please write [Photo study] as the subject of your e-mail.
  2. The study starts in June 2005 and lasts four weeks. We will send you instructions and the programme, which is easy to download to your camera phone. Now you can start taking pictures!
  3. During the study you are expected to upload your pictures to a website. We will contact you twice by e-mail to ask questions about the prototype.
  4. After four weeks the study is over and you may keep the software for free.

We look forward to your participation!