Place Mail: location-based to-do list for GPS cellphones

(via and iconoculture), another kind of location-based service: location-based reminders:

Keeping track of multitasking, multi-tracked lives can be more than most can bear. A device that helps people be mindful – while they’re in the area – can save time and personal frustration.

Navigation? Try nag-ivation. Developed by Minnesota grad student Pam Ludford, Place Mail is a location-sensitive to-do list that works with GPS-equipped cellphones to help people stay on top of their errands and aware of their surroundings (Linden Hills News 5.05). The application lets users (and their friends and families) send themselves wireless reminders to be received at specified dates, times, and locations.

Say buh-bye to drive-bys. No more forehead-slappin’ “duh’s” after mindlessly cruising past the mini-mall. Not when Place Mail can beep in a reminder: “Return DVDs.” Place Mail post-its can also be more supportive: Boyfriend facing a killer presentation? Schedule a “good luck” message to pop up beforehand. Place Mail is now beta-testing with a variety of Minneapolis-based, self-confessed multitaskers.

Yep, why not?