Executives should go to media art festivals

This afternoon talk at reboot 7 must see: Why executives should go to media art festivals by regine

New media artists, hackers or interaction designers use (misuse) technology to come up with weird projects. But apart from being quirky, fun and surprising, many artists manage to capture the zeitgeist, the essence and preoccupations of our society better than some sociological surveys. Couldn’t their view of the world be useful to tech companies?

Go regine go! Why do I blog this? well even though I could not make it to reboot, I know approximately the content of regine's talk since it's a topic we exchanged about. I like her point and I would say that a good surveillance of what's happening in the underground (not only about art but also nerd things...) is a perfect way to have an approximative picture of what's going to rock in the near future. That's definitely why you should read her blog! Of course, it's a matter of making sense of all this stuff. I would say that being aware of this sort of tech, on a regular basis, can allow reader to feel patterns (like the momentum in LBS last year or tangible interactions lately).

Note abour reboot: notes from participants are gathered here. Of course there is also a technorati watchlist