Computer-enhanced astrobiologist

(via ), an intriguing research project lead by Patrick McGuire
Astronauts aboard some previous missions to the moon, such as Apollo 15 in 1971, were trained in geology, enabling them to identify ancient rocks that might reveal signs of water or life. The new system would do away with the need for such specialised training. a computer would analyse the rock formations in the astronaut's field of vision and issue an alert when it detects rock types that need to be sampled.

The prototype consists of a hand-held video camera connected to a wearable computer, but later versions may link the camera to a head-up display within an astronaut's visor.

Why do I blog this? This Cybord astrobiologist project is very appealing. I skimmed through one paper about it: Field Geology with a Wearable Computer: First Results of the Cyborg Astrobiologist System. Of course, I am more interested by how people use this than how it works (it's my user experience focus). The paper reports how it was useful and the issues that emerged.