Augmented Reality Volcano

AR Volcano

The Augmented Reality (AR) Volcano Kiosk is an exhibit that teaches people about volcanoes, including details on tectonic plates, subduction, rifts, the Ring of Fire, volcano formation and of course, eruptions. (...) The user looks through a handheld display that consists of a display visor and a small camera. The camera continuously captures pictures of what the person is looking at and sends them to the computer. The computer software recognizes special patterns embedded in the 6-page book and replaces them with photo-realistic 3D objects, complete with animation, smoke, glowing lava and shimmering water. This technique is called Augmented Reality becuse you can still see the the real world around you, but it is being augmented with facinating 3D objects.

Why do I blog this? I haven't found (so far) lots of AR projects like this one, which are connected to educational purposes. See thie video here.