Improbable European Space Agency Advanced Concepts Generator

Browsing the European Space Agency portal (very rich content!), I stumbled across this odd The Advanced Concepts Generator (ACG):

There are and there will always be loads of crackpots ideas around. Sometimes they are confused with advanced concepts. In order to help spotting some of them and to enhance the creativity of new ideas the following Advanced Concepts generator might be useful. Press on the button below to generate an advanced concept that will appear on the text area above it. (...) If you find this tool useful please contact us. The ACT retains the copyright on all the ideas generated by the Advanced Concepts Generator (ACG).

The Advanced Concepts Generator was created by Dario Izzo and Cristina de Negueruela based on an open source script.

Why do I blog this? gosh, I find it funny of course but then I wondered about what this could be used/meant for? This kind of tool is very simply based on matching different list of words already stored into file/database. Is the point to see what connections can emerge? Is that the way the work at ESA? like creating this kind of buzzwords and then brainstorming about them? See what I did:

  • Non-isotropic geothermal mechatronics
  • Anomalous Monte Carlo based formation-flying [I am crazy of this one!]
  • Multilegged regenerative propulsion [This one offers intriguing perspectives for spaceshipt, but it's OK for robots]
  • Neuro-muscular fly-by tracking
  • Coordinated Nambu-Goto architecture
  • Low-cost relativistic solar blanket [is this a name for a couch?]
  • ...

What is also strange is that sometimes de name of the designers (like "Izzo" and "de Negueruela" appears in the buzzwords).