Best practices for animal handling and stunning

Totally NON POLITICALLY CORRECT POST: I've just discovered the work of Temple Grandin.There is for instance this document: Best practices for animal handling and stunning by Dr. Temple Grandin, Meat & Poultry, April 2000, pg. 76. Temple is focused on studying animal behavior and designing various devices for them, as well as... killing them properly.

During visits to 42 beef and pork plants a number of best practices were identified, which were shared with the attendees. Animal handling and stunning greatly improved in 1999 compared to my 1996 U.S. Dept. of Agriculture audit. Following is a list of best practices that will improve animal welfare and help reduce pale, soft, exudative meat; bruises; dark cutters; and blood splash: - Plastic bags work well for moving cattle. A plastic wastebasket liner on a stick works well for turning cattle in the crowd pen. Use the stiff plastic liners that make a crackling noise. - If animals balk at a reflection on the floor of a chute, try moving the ceiling lights off the centerline of the chute. Moving a light will often eliminate a reflection. - People should stop whistling and yelling. High-pitched sounds from people yelling agitates the animals. - Eliminate the injection of air into the brain by a stunner.

I have to admit it's kind of horrible...