"Walkiebits" small turtle robots

(via), "Walkiebits" small turtle robots:

new robots from Takara Toys, called "Walkiebits." They're shaped like little turtles, and while they don't offer a whole lot of robotic functionality, they will remember rythms tapped out o n their shells and walk to that rhythm. They can also run, play melodies, and so forth. (...) Put simply, "Walk," offers 8 different types of pattern depending o n speed and sounds that are played. In Rhthym Mode, the turtle will walk in synchronization with a rhythm that is "clicked" o n its shell with a finger. For example, clicking a 3-3-7 rhythm o n the shell will cause the turtle to walk in a 3-3-7 rhythm. It will repeat remembered rhythms three times, and can store up to 15 clicks. Race Mode will randomly cycle between "quick pace" and "slow pace" 6 times, allowing users to have races with multiple Walkiebits to "see how far they go."

Why do I blog this? I am currently in a toy mode for a research project!