User-Robots interactions

I had an interesting discussion by Frederic Kaplan (Sony CSL Paris) at the workshop, while hiking in the swiss mountains. Frederic is one of the researcher who tries to make Aibo more curious (as I mentioned earlier) My concern with robots is that it seems that there is a conspicuous lack on robot-human studies. I mean studying, from a user-centered perspective study, how people expect robot to behave/interact with robots/play with them/how it can supports multi-users interactions... To put it shortly, I was interesting to know how sony deal with that. It seems that they run few experiments, especially with children and more focused on the first 5 minutes of interactions with the robots. They did few longitudinal studies but no that much.

Why do I blog this?I see lots of opportunity there to use lots of user-experience analysis methodologies. Connected Pasta: I already blogged about the bridge between robots design and interaction design here