See virtual and public dimensions through your mobile phone

(via), a new locative media project called Rixome, "is a network and a tool that turns mobile screens into windows that show the virtual and public dimensions of our point of view":

Words and phrases crossing rooms and streets. Gestures and drawings entangled between the virtual and the material in walls and squares. Songs and narrations guiding us througth the spaces where we coexist. Psicogeographic documentaries, testimonies of an old woman on the window where she looks her city for years. All the Globe is now our canvas, our white page.

rixome is a dimension for virtual and open publication in physical places. The creations in this network join the anxious landscapes of our cities making up a new public memory, an exchange environment where our trace always lasts.

Why do I blog this? yet another locative media project, connect to psychogeaography and situationist stuff!