Video-Game interface to read books

A smart project at the Reading Lab : Speeder Reader by Maribeth Back, Jonathan Cohen, Rich Gold used a video-game driving interface with dynamic text. It couples the notion of dynamic typography with the notion of the car as interface.

Speeder Reader gives you a gas pedal to control your rate of speed-reading and a steering wheel to navigate between streams of text. You can also jump forward or backwards in the text (by sentence, paragraph, or chapter).

In Western culture, the act of driving is very personally empowering (just like reading!). By combining the driving interface with dynamic text, we're offering a model of reading as a medium that gets you places.

Update Trevor Smith precised that the work was done by the RED group at PARC, not at the Reading Lab. What happened was all of the RED people left PARC and one of them, Maribeth Back, started the Reading Lab.