The Feature is off

Sad news: The Feature (Nokia-owned independent non-branded blog about the mobile Internet) is shutting down today.

Its goal was straightforward: "TheFeature aims to be nothing less than a voice -- an opinionated, independent voice for the mobility community."(...) in that sense, we can say "mission accomplished." It's with a heavy heart, then, that we must reveal this will be the last post on When the site launched, 3G was still a far-off, almost pipe dream concept, and GPRS was barely a reality. We helped begin a conversation around these ideas; we now leave that conversation to carry on in the community that supported us. (...)Now is the time for us to step back, and let the conversation and community move forward on its own. It's been a great ride, and we're glad that everyone could join us. So, would the last one out please turn off the lights...

Well, I am sure all the people who published there will keep on doing their work elsewehere amd my hope is that it's just a matter of time before having another platform enriched with new people, new content and new objectives. MobHappy is a step towards this goal!