Generative art conference

generator.x is a conference and exhibition examining the current role of software and generative strategies in art and design.

Through a conference, an exhibition and this blog we will explore the following topics:

Generative aesthetics: How can generative strategies be used to create dynamic systems with aesthetic parameters, whether to give new solutions to specific problems (computational design) or as an end in itself (generative art)?

Designing processes: A computational approach to design changes static objects into dynamic processes. What implications does this have for design and architecture, whether used for analysis, aesthetic expression or information visualization?

Performative software: Musicians and visual performers are using generative systems to create complex instruments for live performance, trying to overcome the convention of simply mimicking physical interface. How can a software instrument becomes as complex and expressive as a physical instrument that has been perfected over centuries?

Software by creatives for creatives: Artists and designers are increasingly creating their own software to meet special needs not covered by commercial packages, sharing their results as Open Source.