Eyebeam OpenLab is hiring

If you want to spend time working in a great environment, developping creative technology projects, go check the Eyebeam proposal. Yes Eyebam is hiring:

We encourage artists, hackers, designers and engineers to apply. Participation in the R&D Fellows program includes: One year fellowship: 4 days/week commitment, $30,000 annual stipend + health benefits

Public Domain: Work created within the Open Lab will be widely distributed and freely available under open licenses. All code will be released under GPL, media will be released under Creative Commons, and hardware projects will be released with Do-It-Yourself instruction kits. The fellowship is a unique opportunity to participate in a new kind of research environment and contribute directly to the public domain.

Previous Work: The Open Lab builds on previous work developed within Eyebeam R&D. Some earlier projects include: reBlog, ForwardTrack, FundRace, Contagious Media, Social Network Soiree, ACCESS, Carnivore, Noderunner

Application: Please submit your application here by August 15th; fellowships will begin in the Fall of 2005 (flexible start date). If you have any questions, please email openlab@eyebeam.org

Good luck, the advisory Committee includes Mitch Kapoor, Joi Ito and Jason Kottke. Why do I blog this? it seems to be a great environment to work on technology-related projects, this OpenLab looks amazing. I am looking forward to see what emerge from there!