Video tracking system to study animal behavior


EthoVision is the video tracking system for automatic recording of activity, movement and social interaction of animals in just about any enclosure. Providing a wide range of features for video tracking and data analysis, EthoVision allows for automation of almost any behavioral test. Examples include: 96-well plate, Morris water maze, Porsolt swim test, Radial maze, Social interaction test

Have a glance at the case study for which they used this tool: "Using EthoVision Color-Pro to quantify spontaneous swimming behavior in small groups of fish", "Using EthoVision to study social interactions in rodents", "A colorful EthoVision masquarade or how to trace pig manoeuvring automatically". Why do I blog this? even thought the methods described here are more focused on animal behavior, there might be interesting/relevent idea for video game replay tools.