Mobile multimedia penetration

Superstars of the Mobile Internet: Top 10 Mobile Multimedia Nations identifies the leading nations in terms of mobile multimedia usage. The report illustrates the types of indicators used to measure mobile multimedia penetration and identifies the 10 leading mobile multimedia nations in the world.

In a new report, Telecommunications Management Group, Inc. (TMG) identifies the leading nations in mobile multimedia. Entitled “Superstars of the Mobile Internet,” the publication provides the statistical basis to show which countries lead in using mobile handsets to download entertainment, exchange picture messages and access the Internet. The report compares often conflicting, exaggerated or vaguely defined mobile operator statistics with government surveys on mobile Internet use to arrive at its conclusions.

Japan and South Korea are neck and neck, leading the world in mobile multimedia use. The only other nation with double-digit penetration is France, part of a quartet of large European countries in the top ten (along with Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom). The tech-savvy Nordic nations are also present in the list, represented by Finland, Norway and Sweden. The only other Asian country in the top ten is Singapore, ranked number four.

Why do I blog this? I am not a great fan of market penetration studies/figures because I am dubious of the method used to gather such cues. Anyway, sometimes, it might be interesting to have a glance. I was a bit surprised that US are missing from this list. The datasheet gives an overview of the phenomenon. France 3rd position is also interesting as well as promising in terms of potential market to investigate users' behavior towards these services.