IEEE, sports and pervasive computing

The last issue of IEEE Pervasive Computing journal is specially dedicated to the use of pervasive computing in sports, which is a highly relevant topic (giving the mobility and multi-players potentialities/settings).

Sensors and other ubiquitous computing technologies have slowly penetrated the arena of sports. This special issue gives some excellent examples of pervasive technology in sports and points to future directions.

Why do I blog this? the article about real time analysis of football might sound good: Computerized Real-Time Analysis of Football Games by Michael Beetz, Bernhard Kirchlechner and Martin Lames.

Real-time game analysis systems must be able to automatically recognize intentional activities in a multiagent system with continually acting agents. To meet these demands, the authors developed the Football Interaction and Process Model and a software system that can acquire, interpret, and analyze this model. The system can acquire models of player skills, infer action-selection criteria, and determine player and team strengths and weaknesses. They tested it on the RoboCup simulation league and received promising results.

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