Maywadenki's project: Compare oneself to a fish

I am crazy of MaywaDenki's projects. Maywadenki is an art unit produced by Nobumichi Tosa. It was named after the company that his father used to run bygone days. One of his very intriguing creation is NAKI:

Maywa Denki’s products started with NAKI Series in 1990 when Nobumichi Tosa came across the personal question, “Who am I?” He adopted the following methods to try to solve this: Compare oneself to a fish, and the world to a small sea where a fish lives, then, ask oneself “Who am I?” to find the answer from the point of a fish. With the theme of “one item=one message,”create a product to express the answer. Give each one of 26 products an alphabetical model number. Examine the results as a whole and feel the total image of one’s self. This process is just like fishing. The fish (=the idea) swimming in the sea (=chaos in one’s brain) is landed onto the real world with the fishing technique (=reason) and fishing tackle(=mechanical engineering skill). Nobumichi tried to understand the undersea world (=himself) by analyzing 26 fishes caught from the sea.

For instance here are 3 products:

  • A fish-shaped button with LED eyes that glow.
  • Do-it-yourself fish-scale tattoos. Hit slap and bruise your skin on the arm with a scale stamp. Non-permanent.
  • An extension cord shaped like a fish skeleton, with a male plug at its head and a female plug at its tale. Licensed to the registration of a design.