New design journal

(via) It seems that Stanford University is releasing a new journal about design issues, it's called Ambidextrous and it seems really promising. It's actually the design journal of the nascent Stanford

It is a magazine for the wider design community, which includes engineers and ethnographers, psychologists and philosophers. Rather than focusing on promoting product, Ambidextrous exposes the people and processes involved in design.

Ambidextrous is a forum for the cross-disciplinary, cross-market community of people with an academic, professional and personal interest in design. The magazine is geared toward high subscriber participation and interaction. It is expressly designed to be informal, irreverent, and fun to read. (...) We created Ambidextrous to draw a community around what designers *do* rather than what they make. We wanted a place for you to converse about your favorite tools, your struggles with craft, your evolving process and your most exciting ideas.

Why do I blog this? even though I am not really into design, I think they'll tackle relevant issues that are related to my HCI interests.