Gartner's highlights about emerging technologies in 2005

(via future now) Not really groundbreaking for people use to watch today's trends, Gartner released its key highlights about emerging technologies in 2005 (as part of their hype cycle program).

Gartner has identified three key technologies themes businesses should watch as well as highlighting some of the individual technologies in those areas. Technologies that will enable the development of Collaboration, Next Generation Architecture and Real World Web are highlighted as being particularly significant.

  • Collaboration: Podcasting, Wiki, Peer to Peer (P2P) voice over IP (VoIP), Desktop Search, Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and Corporate Blogging.
  • Next Generation Architecture: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Web Services-Enabled Business Models, Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), Business Process Platforms (BPP).
  • Real World Web: Location-aware applications, Radio Frequency Identification (Passive), Mesh Networks — Sensor.

As for location-aware applications, here is what they say:

Location-aware applications. These are mobile enterprise applications that exploit the geographical position of a mobile worker or an asset, mainly through satellite positioning technologies like Global Positioning System (GPS) or through location technologies in the cellular network and mobile devices. Real-world examples include fleet management applications with mapping navigation and routing functionalities, government inspections and integration with geographic information system applications. Mobile workers will use either a PDA or smartphone, connected via Bluetooth to an external GPS receiver, or stand-alone positioning wireless device.

Why do I blog this? As I said earlier, this is not so earthshaking if you're in the technological scouting loop. I would say that I am less interested in the content of this than in how it's presented to their customers. As matter of fact, it gives an idea about what is being said about tech innovation to CEOs and decision makers. Of course, some potential usage are not cited (the collaboration feature in location-aware application is missing for instance).

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