Show your context, show your inspiration!

I discovered a cool column in gamasutra (web bible for game designers). It's called media consumption and the point is to "ask game designers what their favorite game designers have been listening to, watching, reading, and playing". For instance, have a glance at this one who is a Netflix fan. As a matter of fact, I think there is a new trend lately in creative industries: quoting your sources/inspiration or the context where you are (and which may influence what you do). It's something that seem to be both synchronous (people show what their listening to in itunes as an ichat tagline, or write which songs they're listening to in a blogpost + the geographical coordinates of a picture/blogpost...) or asynchronous (people writing in their dissertation/articles/journal what they listened to while writing it).

What is interesting here is that trying to find how some creative production has been influences by this context+ inspiration is an intriguing intellectual trick/activity :)