BBC on Proboscis

(via the urban tapestries weblog) There is an interesting article on the BBC website by Bill Thompson about the failure of technology/application to establish a 'wired world'. The author exemplify the approaches he estimates relevant (which I fully concur with) with the work done by Proboscis and their Urban Tapestries project.I have to admit that one of my favorite part of the article is the one that describes Proboscis:

It was run by Proboscis, one of those groups of intimidatingly clever people who occupy nondescript offices around London and do work which nibbles away at the edges of our current models of the world until the whole edifice comes crashing down.

Why do I blog this? What I find interesting in this description is the balance between the fact that the future is invented their and how the buidling may look like. It seems to be slightly different from the garage metaphor to describe entrepreneurial succes stories. Perhaps that's the point, such a place is the equivalent for R&D structure of the garage thing for start-ups!