Activity analysis of CatchBob!

I am currently brainstorming about the activity analysis of CatchBob!. My aim is to study how coordination occur in the game. In line with this goal I am figuring out how to represent the joint activity along the time. I would like to take certain factors into account (i.e. representing them graphically to have a clear picture of how things are going):

  • 3 players
  • time (using Herbert Clark's theory of coordination and how time is important like for opening the joint activity, dividing the action into individual acts...)
  • individuals actions
  • information inputs (location awareness, communications acts, proximity sensor...)
  • coordination keys: grounded information among the group
  • grounded plan at the beginning
  • ...

I will use all the data extracted from the game to do so: qualitative and quantitative indexes can give me a clear picture of what happened. Besides, tt would also be interesting to do this analysis for every group in both experimental conditions and then see whether there are differences in terms of coordination keys exchanged.