'Enhancing and increasing the gaming experiences in card games' project

An intriguing project: Enhancing and increasing the gaming experiences in card games by Johan Ohlsson and Per Hjalmarsson (Trans-Reality Game Laboratory):

The primary focus is to find out how computer technology can offer new and unique possibilities, rather than just replacing existing mechanisms in traditional card games. The project takes an analysis of existing card games and gaming mechanisms as a starting point (such as for example the game Magic the Gathering), in order to create new game ideas. The idea is to develop two diametrical different card games in order to approach the question at issue. TRGL and Chalmers will act as a creative partner and tutor for the project, as well as contribute with technology, but the project itself will be carried out by the students. The project will be disseminated in new playable games as well as a paper.

I am expecting something interesting and curious from this.