Map morphing project

Map Morphing seems to be a relevant project carried out at the EDGE Lab (Dalhousie) by D. Reilly and K.M. Inkpen :

Map Morphing is an interactive morph between two maps covering approximately the same region. Using both blending and distortion, the maps appear to merge into one another. This allows the user to directly visualize how the two maps diverge from one another in their presentation. This is particularly useful when one or both maps provide views that aren't spatially accurate (such as the typical "schematic" subway map).

We currently generate short movie sequences (between 10-20 frames), which the user controls with a slider (blending and distortion are not independently controlled). In this way they can interactively build an understanding of how the two maps are related. The movie sequences are created using the free MorphX software.

Some demos are available on the website.