Biofeedback game: bioplay 5000

bioplay 5000 is a biofeedback game used at ETHZ, Zürich for a course taught by Steffen Walz about Serious Game Design for CAAD (Computer-Aided Architectural Design)Lead: Steffen P. Walz, Philipp Schaerer

"lightFight" is a simple game illustrating the technical possibilities using the biofeedback hardware (lightstone) in combination with the redhell. The redhell acts as the display unit giving the player a feedback on the current gamestate.

In the single player version one player connected to the lightstone competes against the computer personified by redhell. Standing at the far end of the room the player has to try to push the illuminated rows of neonlights towards the other end -applying force by raising his skinconductivity- while the redhell pushes in the opposite direction. During the course of the game the force with which the redhell pushes the light towards the player constantly increases. Once the illuminated row of neonlights has reached
the players end of the room the game is over.

With regard to the biofeedback part, the fingerclip-sensors of the Hardware (the "Lightstone" with its "Lightrings") measure heartdata and the skinconductivity; this "wearable includes the biofeedback hardware and makes it possible to move easily within the game interface".

More about this in , Serious Bioplay: A Computer Integrated Building Service Game applying Psychophysiological Input a poster at Ubicomp 2005 by Walz, Steffen P., Schoch, Odilo, Schaerer, Philipp, Gmelin, Sebastian, Bonwetsch, Tobias, Hillner, Bergit, Schmidt, Rafael Georg, Mermans, Bart, Przerwa, Jan, and Arno Schlueter.