Wolframtone: wolfram's computational universe, mathematica and ring tones

(via kathryn kramer's insightful blog) Wolframtones is a compelling new tool based on the wolfram-esque "new kind of science" idea (developed by the Wolfram Research Labs)

WolframTones works by taking simple programs from Wolfram's computational universe, and using music theory and Mathematica algorithms to render them as music. Each program in effect defines a virtual world, with its own special story--and WolframTones captures it as a musical composition.

It's all original music--fresh from "mining" Wolfram's computational universe. Sometimes it's reminiscent of familiar musical styles; sometimes it's like nothing ever heard before. But from just the tiniest corner of the computational universe WolframTones can make everyone on Earth their own unique cellphone ringtone. It's a taste of what it's like to explore the computational universe--and a hint what's to come...

Go try here! There will be some interesting development as mentioned here.

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