Digital Ethnography Workgroup

A good project and resources about digital ethnography can be found here. It's called DEW (Digital Ethnography Workgroup). and it's led by Edwin Hutchins (mister 'distributed cognition')DEW is a community of professors, graduate students, and undergraduate students in the department of Cognitive Science at University of California, San Diego. We use the tools of ethnography, in conjunction with technology, to document cognition in real-world settings. This website serves as a common meeting place for developing thoughts, activities, ideas, resources, and projects related to DEW.

The point of this 'digital ethnography' is that digital technology can play an important role in each step of an ethnography: site selection / observation-interaction data collection / transcription / coding /analysis / publication-archiving. This page summarizes how this would work.

Some interesting resources can be found here: references, instructions to use material...

Why do I blog this? at the lab we're having a discussion lately about this topic; we want to do something close to that initative for our research. The main problem we face is about our data sets: how can we something more efficient to mine our data which are so different (mp3, video, logfiles, handwrittent surveys...).