John Bock's work

I really appreciate John Bocks' work: The first one presented here is called "MultiplexKomplex Petit-four transmits the BeWorldMigraineSolution through the metallic NoseAirHairPeriscpoe", 2004 installation view at Klosterfelde Berlin. The second is Lombardi Bängli, 1999.

Why do I blog this? What I like in how work is well described by as:

In his practice Bock samples a diverse range of artistic and non-artistic disciplines resulting in disordered and often absurd connections. Mixing art references with theatre, economics and fashion, Bock has realised for the ICA a vast and often anarchic collage. Within the Lower Gallery four seemingly haphazard buildings, connected by a series of crawl spaces, ladders and walkways, have been constructed with everyday materials from hay bales to scaffolding. Into these structures, Bock has assembled a surreal collection of artworks, appropriating sculptures, paintings, films and artefacts.

I think he's presenting something at the Art biennale in Lyon currently.