Hands-On Activity: a bulldozer camp

Well, there seems to be really cool hands-on activities lately: Bulldozer Camp:

Chances are, ever since you were a child, you've been fascinated by everything from backhoes digging utility holes, giant cranes lifting steel girders to the tops of new skyscrapers, big yellow bulldozers taking out an old brick building or even those robotic looking Bobcat™ skid steers shoveling snow from a parking lot or moving mulch at the local nursery, and of course, those big rumbling dump trucks.

We watch, we listen and we wish. Wish that just for once we might get a chance to play with these machines, not just peeking thru a fence, but this time wearing our own hardhat, climbing up into the seat, our hands on the controls, to actually be in charge of these marvelous machines. Bulldozer Camp provides the ultimate "big toy" experience - an amazing fantasy vacation, a "once-in-a-lifetime" experience. It's the quintessential blue-collar experience for white-collar professionals.

There's an impressive fleet of heavy equipment ranging from massive bulldozers and front-end loaders to huge off-highway dump trucks and heavy steel-tracked excavators - Bulldozer Camp even provides a few of the newest compact mini-versions just for fun.

Big toy experience, what a new concept!