A live-action Scotland Yard in Bern, Switzerland

A game presented at the workshop about pervasive gaming at Ubicomp: "The hunt for Mr. X: Bringing a board game to the street" by Niklaus Moor (Swisscom Innovations). It's basically an adaptation of the board game 'Scotlan Yard' to the real city level.

„Mr. X“ moves hidden through the streets of London. He has to show his location every 4th turn The detectives know which kind of transportation he uses With this information they have to figure out his position and surround him When the detectives catch him, they win, if Mr. X escapes he wins

4 groups with 4 players hunt Mr. X and Mr. Y in the old city of Bern (Switerzland). Hunting by MMS: Every ten minutes, Mr. X sends a picture of his current location. The detectives have to identify the position by the pictures and find Mr. X. They catch Mr. X by taking a picture of him. All players had cell phones with camera and GPRS connectivity, MMS enabled The pictures have been sent by MMS to a photo weblog page The cell phones where enabled for group chatting (text based)

Why do I blog this? The game seems interesting and engaging. The document does not states whether there were further evaluation/tests/experiments, the user experience analysis appears to be quite limited here. The data collected might be extremely relevant (e.g. pictures). I really like this "The Photo-Blog gave a live overview of the hunt and the positions of players"