Weekly research meeting

In my weekly research meeting with my Ph.D. advisor this afternoon today, which should be considered as the first achievement of my thesis (or second if we take the literature review into account). In this first experiment, we found that an information about spatial position explicitly communicated by the participants is more powerful than an automatic location-awareness tool in terms of the representation of the partners' intents (aka mutual model) and with regard to collaboration. Furthermore, we also found that communication about strategy was more important than automatic location for building a good mutual model.

Then we thought about the following milestones for the thesis. The point would be design specifications for an 'intention-awareness' tool to would allow users to: - communicate explicitly - be structured to provide specific features based on the analysis of strategy messages drawn from the first experiment. I would have to discriminate some dimensions that would make sense for such a tool. It would be a sort of visual grammar that will define a spatial annotation tool.

The second experiment would then be to test such a tool in the CatchBob environment in 2 conditions: with it and with a version without information about position (since we saw that the giving of the partners' position is not useful we may want to control this).


- write a report with ALL the CatchBob1 results ( include post-hoc on MM, performance and strategy messages) - write the questionnaire/replay tool, in a chronological order - find people for the catchbob test - analyse strategy messages (and how players answered/replied), discriminate categories, figure out whether there are differences with regard to various variables: drawings or textual, onsite annotations or not) + see whether they are manifest or explicit agreements -> connection with my analysis based on Clark's theory of coordination devices! - figure out a visual grammar that would be based on this analysis, and which may define an 'intention awareness tool' explicitly written by the players usable in mobile collaboration.