Serious Game Summit Europe

Via, there's going to be a Serious Game Summit Europe in Lyon on December 5th (as I already mentioned here):

Serious Games is a combination of games, learning, training, policy and management. Major companies, government and military institutions, foundations, educators, and non-profit organizations are turning to games and commercial entertainment technologies for new approaches to simulations, training, education, and other practical applications. This recent and growing trend has resulted in a new field where computer and video games are applied to “non entertainment” purposes.

The SGSE will last a full day and will feature a wide range of conferences introducing the concept and applications of Serious Games. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet during lunch and coffee breaks and therefore develop their networks of potential suppliers and customers.

This is a whole new experience in Europe, which will enable developers to meet potential new customers they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to reach. Attending this event gives you access to a growing financial outlet and an underdeveloped niche in Europe.

It seems that the confernce will be more the one of a business meeting than the academic/geeky con.