Human Robots Interaction

It's been a while I was wondering about the emerging field of human-robots interaction. It seems that not it exists as attested by this conference: HRI 2006:

The theme of HRI 06, Toward Human-Robot Collaboration, highlights the importance of creating robot capabilities and interfaces that address human concerns such as social appropriateness, safety, and quality of service.

Who Should Attend: Researchers in robotics, human-factors, ergonomics, and human-computer interaction are invited to attend.

Why do I blog this? I an interested in this because of my research interests in HCI. Moreover, there is now a trend: robots are no longer an engineering domain and some folks are beginning to study more deeply the issues related to user experience, which I found relevant. I am particularly interested in:

• User evaluations • HRI metrics • HRI applications • HRI foundations • Case studies • Multi-modal interaction • Adjustable autonomy • Human-Robot Dialog