Situation-awareness between drivers of ground surface vehicules in airports

I met people from Intuilab here in Toulouse who are working on a European project called Airnet about 'Airport Network for Mobiles, Surveillance and Alerting'. The relevant point for my research here is the tool they developed:

IntuiKit is a cross platform development environment (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X). It can be used with shuttle computers to be embedded in vehicles. The application below (Airnet European project) is used to augment awareness between drivers of ground surface vehicules in airports. Its user interface displays maps with real time positioning of vehicules and message boards. It is used with a 7 inches touch screen input device.

Why do I blog this? I am interested in the airport ground as a field of study in which drivers NEEDS information about others' whereabouts. The tool described here provide then with this information. I'd be delighted to have more data about its usage/inferences about others on the field.