XXIst century institutions

Browsing improbable websites, I found this interesting quote (there):

« My ideal XXIst century institution would appear less like an “institution” as such, than as a constantly evolving and flexible organism, or a network connecting people on a “global” mode, people who have ideas and people who act. It should be able to respond to the most varied forms of thought and media, and more precisely, to face the challenge represented by the new complexity arising from the merging of new forms of social emergency and new technologies. And while it develops it should also take in account the emergence of this other fact : the collapse of the centre of the world. » Hou Hanru : curator indépendant in "Qu’attendez vous d’une institution artistique du XXI° siècle ?" (What do you expect from a XXIst century art institution ?). Ed palais de Tokyo

I agree with this and I think this is also an ideal structure, however it seems that this kind of definition is more applied recently to private companies in our supercapitalist days; it's interesting to see that the rhetoric shift in organisational sciences (oldschool organisation --- new structures more felxible) now refers to every structures be it arty/for profit/squat-related... Will private companies be organized like art groups? interactive labs? Or is it the other way around? I am lost. Well we don't know but the main word here are 'flexible and 'evolving'.