A digital parrot

Good stuff by Crispin Jones: digiparrot, a cool project for the Japanese company Elekit.

The digiParrot responds to whistled tunes - it listens to the tune (it's eye flashes when it recognises a note) and replays the whistle in it's own particular way. You can view it in action in the movies below, if you are particularly interested you can see the development movies by clicking here.

Why do I blog this? I like this of toy/device since I stringly believe in the merge of video game and toy to create new entertainment platforms. This is of course really simple, but like the WiFi rabbit, I find discrete little toys like this nice. My favorite video there is the "Two digiParrot listens and replays 'You'll never wealk alone'. One digiParrot listens to the other whistle and replays that parrots whistle."